iPhone 6s review – should you buy it?

On September 2015 – iPhone 6s was released. The iPhone 6s and 6s plus new features: 3D Touch technology, better camera, more powerful processor – that’s good. Reduced battery capacity, a lot of weight, the same design and 16GB Memory in a basic model  – not really. Is the iPhone 6s worth buying? Let’s figure out.

The Apple iPhone 6s common sense is struggling with the desire to save money on. 16 GB of memory with no possibility of expansion in 2015, Carl! 2 GB of RAM! The camera without optical stabilization, super-fast autofocus and other new technology! And it costs $ 649 without taxes.

First Look: iPhone 6s review


New iPhone 6s is almost unchanged

A repeating design of the iPhone – is not news. The iPhone 6s looks the same as the iPhone 6. The same metal casing, sloppily hidden plastic antenna, a broad framework. The design is clearly outdated. Nevertheless, the Chinese are actively replicate it. Look at just released new smartphones from the Meizu, for example.

Review: iPhone 6s on the box Review: iPhone 6s and 6s plus - comparison Review: iPhone 6s

In the popular smartphone from Samsung gorgeous curves on both sides. Quad HD screen in the Sony smartphone – slim glass and metal protection from water and the top Apple smartphone offers HD screen (4 times lower resolution than the Samsung) without additional bonus. Is the iPhone 6s or the iPhone 6s plus waterproof? No. Saving again.

Samsung S6 vs iphone 6s vs LG G4

Samsung S6 vs iphone 6s vs LG G4

The maximum brightness of the iPhone 6s was 548 cd / m2, and the version 6s Plus altogether reached 582 cd / m2. Contrast Ratio – 1370: 1, very good for IPS. Effective anti-glare screens allow both look good in the direct light, and the viewing angles are very wide, even by the standards of IPS.

Image 1: iPhone 6s brightness Image 2: iPhone 6s brightness Image 3: iPhone 6s brightness

As for color, then both versions of the iPhone 6s show too cool shade (7800K) and underestimated the range of (2.0), but show a neat color sRGB. Color reproduction of new the iPhone 6s somewhat worsened: low gamma makes the image too whitish.

iPhone 6s laying in the hand

iPhone 6s dimensions

But the devil is in the details. Both the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s plus has changed in the size. Due to the use of technology had to change the 3D Touchscreen coating and add an additional layer so that the iPhone 6s thicker, wider, heavier than its predecessor. The difference – not so large, 0.1 mm in length and width and 0.2 mm in thickness. Your favorite covers from the iPhone 6 to the new generation may not fit.

iphone 6s vs 6s plus dimension


Review: iPhone 6s pink

The iPhone 6s plus now weighs almost 200 grams: a very heavy 5.5-inch smartphone.

No other changes. Waited for Full HD screen (not even Quad HD)? Relax! Apple thought that more HD and it is not necessary. Although the thickness of the smartphone has increased, the camera as before extends from the housing. And optical image stabilization is not received (image stabilization exist only in the 6s Plus model).

iPhone 6s white and iPhone 6s pink

Innovation of Apple – pink is the new white. Even highly evolved antenna, pink color will be popular, we are confident.

iPhone 6s Power and Battery life

Inside the smartphone – a processor Apple A9. In practice, we didn’t notice the changes. Predecessors were not slow, and Apple’s new iPhone 6s too. Apple promises reduced power consumption, let’s see how things are going.

Facts about energy tell the different story: technology has not changed, so the power consumption remains at the same level. Battery capacity reduced (!): Apple struggled with excessive increase in the thickness and weight of the new smartphone by reducing battery.

We checked: while playing the same video at the maximum brightness of the screen in the iPhone 6 and 6s the same, the difference is not so big. The promised growth time work is not worth waiting for. My friends also confirmed this.

Battery capacity of the iPhone 6s is 1715 mAh. Battery capacity on almost any smartphone on Android is much higher: 2000 mAh in the finest models to 2700-3000 in top smartphone models. What did it cost Apple to spend a little more money and use more capacious battery?

While you will be charging a tiny iPhone 6s battery for 2 hours, the owner of the Samsung Galaxy S6, Sony Xperia Z5, Huawei Mate S, LG G4 and a bunch of other smartphones with a much larger capacity battery will charge a smartphone twice.

Other features are not encouraging. Built-in memory in the younger version is 16 GB. For an expensive smartphone in 2015 – this is ridiculous. The amount of RAM – 2 GB, which is less than in many Chinese middle-class smartphones. 2 SIM-cards is not available as always.

iPhone 6s 3D Touch

The main change in the new smartphone from Apple – new screen technology. 3D Touch (or Touch Force) – a technology for a touchscreen that can recognize the force pressing the screen. For example, clicking on the icon a little stronger will have an additional menu. It’s simple. If you hold your finger on the icon or press a little harder, the actions will be different.

iPhone 6s Screen

iPhone 6s Camera Specs

So, iPhone 6s has a new 12-megapixel camera. Sensor Size 1/3 ”, which is less than in the Samsung GALAXY S6 or LG G4. Apple has tried to make progress, reducing the distance between pixels. But in fact, this is another “paper breakthrough” – you will not see strong differences between shots on the iPhone 6 and 6s. And photos made in the dark on the iPhone 6s is even worse.

Front Camera is now 5 megapixels compared to 1.2 megapixels so selfie will become much better quality.

iPhone 6s Camera Test – iPhone 6s Front Camera Samples

iPhone 6s Camera Front Sample: Image 1 iPhone 6s Camera Front Sample: Image 2 iPhone 6s Camera Front Sample: Image 3

iPhone 6s Back Camera Samples


Another feature that has been long available from competitors (Nokia Lumia, HTC) – Live Photo.

A Live Photo is essentially a way to bring your photos to life by capturing a few seconds of video when you’re taking a photo on your iPhone. It’s a bit like a Gif, but it can also capture audio at the same time.

The camera of the iPhone 6s can record 4K video. High resolution is better than low, the video looks great, especially on the Retina-display. Do not wait for cinematic quality, but compared to smartphones that can’t record in 4K resolution, this can be considered as a big advantage.

1 minute of 4K video weighs more than 300 MB. That is on the iPhone with 16 GB of internal memory, of which about 12 are available, space is only enough for 40 minutes of video.

iPhone 6s | Verdict

The #AD iPhone 6s is a kind of experiment on common sense. Only 16GB of memory in the basic version, HD screen (even with the loud name «Retina») and the same design. Updated 4k camera and increase the amount of RAM up to 2 GB – the main advantages. However, optical stabilization is only left to the Plus version, and the emergence of technology 3D Touch – is a controversial innovation.

As a practical buyer, you can open a wide world of smartphones, which are cheaper, more interesting, innovative, functional. Beautiful Samsung Galaxy S6 edge and edge +, Sony Xperia Z5 and Z5 Premium, Huawei Mate S and LG G4 – which do you like more?

  • New pink color
  • Amazing 4k video quality
  • Fast 5Ghz wi-fi
  • Increased camera resolution and added Live Photos mode
  • 2GB Ram
  • 3D Touch Technology

  • The same design
  • Only 16 GB of memory in the basic version
  • Reduced battery capacity
  • Low-resolution screen
  • No fast charge
  • No wireless charging
  • No 2 SIM-cards
  • No optical image stabilization (only in iPhone 6s plus)
  • The iPhone 6s plus now weighs nearly 200 grams

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