Top 3: Best Top Handle Chainsaws to Buy in 2018

So what is the best top handle chainsaw for arborists or homeowners who need it for easy limbing, pruning and small tree felling? Or maybe a woodworking is your hobby and you need the proper chainsaw. Top-handle chainsaws are great as they are lightweight, small and if you need to climb trees to do some pruning then top handle saws are the best. Because they have an attachment point for rope, carabiner or safety-strap.

If you are an arborist or professional who needs good tools for all kind of tasks then you need a top handle chainsaw. They do not replace the “usual” (with the “back” handle) chainsaw but are a useful addition to your collection of garden tools.

Best Top Handle Chainsaw No.: 1. Husqvarna T435

Winner: Husqvarna T435 - Best Top Handle Arborist Chainsaw

The absolute winner Husqvarna T435. Why? Because the T435 designed by the famous brand that is known for producing high-quality equipment and this chainsaw is no exception. This top-handle chainsaw has the most powerful engine (35.2cc / 2.01 HP) among the others top handle chainsaws and perform cutting task faster.

Inside this baby the X-Torq motor which has low fuel consumption (408 g/kWh vs Tanaka TCS33EDTP 534 g/kWh) and low exhaust emission.

Husqvarna T435 is the best overall top handle chainsaw because it has all features for easy maintenance and comfort.

  • LowVib for less vibration and increased comfort and less operator fatigue.
  • Tool-less. Quick-release air filter cover and air filter for easy and fast maintenance.
  • Easy staring. Thanks to the Air Purge system which removes air from carburetor and fuel system.
  • Lightweight. Powerhead (without cutting equipment and fuel/oil) weight only 7.5 lbs which are 15% less than Tanaka TCS33EDTP.

Durable. Reliable. Suitable for and best for arborists and professionals. Available with 12″ and 14″ bar length. But if you need specific bar length (let’s say 14″) and it’s not available for sale, then you can buy Husqvarna T435 with 12″ bar and later when you will the bigger bar you can just buy 14″ bar and chain separately and install it without problems. The same goes for 14″ to 12″.

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Best Top Handle Chainsaw No.: 2. Tanaka TCS33EDTP | Best Pruning Chainsaw

Best Top Handle Chainsaw Number Two: Tanaka TCS33EDTP

Another winner is the chainsaw from Japan manufacturer Tanaka. Tanaka TCS33EDTP Top Handle chainsaw which is made by Hitachi and what is more interesting that this chainsaw available for sale by Hitachi itself (Hitachi CS33EDTP).

Tanaka top handle chainsaw is great value for the money as you will get Oregon bar and chain with low-vibration and low kickback design. But besides that, it features a good commercial grade PureFire engine (32.2 cc) that is EPA Phase 3 and CARB Tier III Compliant and other useful features such as attachment ring for easy tree climbing.

Also, quick and easy chain adjustment from side access, automatic gear-driven oiler and what is surprising 7-years consumer warranty! Yes, 7 years! But for commercial use, it’s only 2 years.

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Best Top Handle Chainsaw No.: 3. Makita XCU02PT

Best Top Handle Chainsaw Number Three: Makita XCU02PT

And last but not least – chainsaw from another reputable brand Makita. The main difference between Makita XCU02PT and aforementioned saws is that is a cordless (battery-powered) chainsaw. So if you need an electric top handle chainsaw that works of batteries then you can’t go wrong with Makita XCU02PT.

No gas, no fumes, no gas/oil mixing, less noise, no spark-plug/air filter change. That is what will you get if you buy this chainsaw. It’s a less powerful than gasoline chainsaws. But for light work (which is what for, top handle chainsaws designed for anyway) it’s a great tool.
Powered by two Lithium-Ion 18V LXT batteries.

When I saw pictures on Amazon I was shocked. Despite the fact, this is a battery powered chainsaw people are cutting big logs and then cut a bunch of firewoods with this chainsaw. I was surprised that battery-powered chainsaw can do that. By the way, an average rating of this tool is very good – 4.6 out of 5 stars.

I think Makita XCU02PT top handle chainsaw is the most user-friendly tool as it requires almost no maintenance. Makita XCU02PTU has tool-less chain adjustment – no screwdriver requirements for chainsaw chain tensioning. And storing for a long time without a use is very easy as you don’t need to drain fuel for storage.

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