Best Small Chainsaw 2020 – Gas and Electric Chainsaws

Have you been wondering what is the best small chainsaw for the money? Then you have come to the right place. Once I went to the store to buy a chainsaw for small tasks. When I found chainsaws in the store I was a bit shocked to see how big and heavy some chainsaws are. I bought the first cheap chainsaw that I found to be lightweight and small and went home. At the end of the day, my chainsaw was dead.

The bad thing about my chainsaw: it was hard to start and it was a bad quality chainsaw. The good thing: the chainsaw was easy to handle due to its 14-Inch bar length and small size engine. My main mistake – I didn’t read the reviews first about that chainsaw (which were bad). The store gladly took the chainsaw back and refunded my money. The End of Story.

If you don’t want to buy bad chainsaw just like me, then this article will help you to find the best small and reliable chainsaw.

Best Small Chainsaws

*Rating calculated based on value for the money, product features, weight and reviews that were found online.

Best Small Gas Chainsaw No.1: Echo CS-352

best Small Gas Chainsaw No.1: Echo CS-352

Bar Length: 14″ or 16″ | Type: Gas | Engine Displacement: 34cc | Dry Weight: 8.8 lbs | Professional features and lightweight

The Echo CS-352 is a semi-professional chainsaw that is ideal for homeowners. And it’s easy to use because it has a relatively lightweight design and small size. This chainsaw is equipped with a powerful 34cc engine, and the Echo CS-352 can cut through almost all types of wood, no matter how strong they seem to be.

Most homeowners and amateur woodcutters will find this small chainsaw to be exactly what they are required. It’s very easy to use and thus excellent for beginners. This chainsaw is made in Japan, so you should not think about the reliability of this saw as it will last you a long time.

And the Echo CS352 offers an Echo’s i-30 easy start technology which reduces starting effort by 30%. Bar length of this chainsaw is 14-Inches and also the Echo Cs-352 is available with 16″ bar. Dry weight without bar and chain: 8.8 lbs. The Echo CS-352 is extremely good chainsaw if you going to use it often because it has commercial-grade engine.

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to Start – thanks to i30 technology
  • Quiet
  • Made in Japan
  • Side access chain tensioner for quick chain adjustments
  • Professional-grade 2-stroke engine


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Best Small Chainsaw No.2: Makita UC3551A | Corded Electric

Best Small Chainsaw No.2: Makita UC3551A


Bar Length: 14-Inch | Power: 14.5 AMP | Weight: 12.1 lbs | Type: Electric Chainsaw

The Makita UC3551A is outstanding chainsaw from famous Japan brand Makita. And with this chainsaw you don’t have to mix gas and oil, thus the UC3551A is extremely easy to use. In order to start work just put some oil inside, plug it in and start.

And its built-in current limiter helps to protect the motor from burnout by reducing power of the motor when the saw is overloaded. Also, this small electric chainsaw is lightweight (Weight: around 12 pounds) and the Makita UC3551A is highly rated by reviewers.

  • Powerful 14.5 AMP motor
  • Reliable
  • “Tool-less” blade and chain adjustments
  • Large oil reservoir with view window

  • Price

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Best Small Chainsaw No.3: Black & Decker LCS1240 | Small and Lightweight | The Best Chainsaw for Women

Best Small Chainsaw No.3: Black and Decker LCS1240

Power: 40-volt battery | Bar Length: 12-Inch | Weight: 8.3 lbs | Type: Cordless Chainsaw

The BLACK and DECKER LCS1240 chainsaw in 8 words = Small-Lightweight-Low Noise-Less-Vibration-Reliable-Comfortable. For all of those who shop for a small cordless chainsaw and want an effective and ideal battery-powered model, the BLACK and DECKER LCS1240 will be a great choice. It’s powerful, small, lightweight and highly rated by customers. And it’s easy to use.

Also, it has a 12-Inch Oregon low-kickback bar which is suitable for up to 20-inch diameter logs. And the BLACK and DECKER LCS1240 has an automatic oiling system that maintains optimal performance in all environments and a tool free chain tensioning system for making quick chain adjustments for optimal performance.

  • Lightweight – 8.3 lbs
  • Chainsaw suitable for camping
  • 40V MAX Lithium-Ion battery.
  • Holds a charge up to 18 months
  • 12″ Oregon low kickback bar and chain
  • 40V MAX* 2.0Ah Battery provides over 60 4×4 pine lumber cuts on average per single charge
  • Automatic oiling system for constant lubrication of bar and chain
  • Tool-less chain tensioning for fast and easy adjustments
  • Full wrap around handle for comfortable cutting in different orientations
  • Battery state of charge indicator
  • Part of the 40V MAX* outdoor system

  • Not good for heavy duty tasks

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Best Small Chainsaw No.4: Remington RM1425 Limb N Trim | Corded Electric

Best Small Chainsaw No.4: Remington RM1425 Limb N Trim

Bar Length: 14-Inch | Weight: 6.25 lbs 🏆 | Power: 8 AMP | Type: Electric Chainsaw

The Remington RM1425 Limb N Trim is a lightweight, small and easy to handle chainsaw. And its 14-inch bar and 8-amp electric motor make it powerful enough to cut through tree limbs without any effort. Perfect for anyone whose main goal is to keep their small yard well maintained. The weight of this chainsaw is just 6.25 pounds. Which makes this chainsaw lightest among many other chainsaws.

Thanks to its size and weight and ease of use the Remington RM1425 is very mobile and is ideal for homeowners who are looking for an inexpensive and small chainsaw. And it’s designed to be easy to start and to be very effective for light duty tasks such as trimming small trees, cutting branches and making firewood. In addition, the Remington RM1425 arrives completely assembled and ready to go. Just add some oil and start cutting.

  • 8 Amp electric motor
  • Cheap
  • Lightweight
  • Small in size
  • Low-kickback bar
  • Powerful
  • Wraparound handguard
  • Simple
  • 2-year limited warranty

  • No auto oiler system (You have to use push-button for oiling)

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This video demonstrates the Remington RM1425 at work

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Best Small Chainsaw No.5: Makita XCU02PT | Battery-Powered

Best Small Chainsaw No.5: Makita XCU02PT

Bar Length: 12-Inch | Power: 36 volt battery | Weight: 10.1 lbs | Type: Cordless | Low noise level at only 89 dB(A)

The Makita XCU02PT chainsaw is good for people who don’t want to mix gas and oil and also don’t want to mess around the house with an #AD extension cord. The Makita XCU02PT chainsaw works from two lithium-ion batteries and the weight of this chainsaw is only 10.1 lbs (with batteries). Which is pretty lighweight for a battery-powered chainsaw. And it’s highly rated by reviewers on Amazon.

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Tanaka TCS33EDTP Top Handle Gas-Powered Chainsaw

Best Small Gas Chainsaw No.6: Tanaka TCS33EDTP

Bar-Length: 12-Inch, 14-Inch | Weight: 7.5 lbs | Type: Gas Chainsaw | Engine Displacement: 32.2cc | Best top-handle chainsaw – small, lightweight and reliable

Tanaka Power Equipment is a brand within the Hitachi Power Tool Group which makes good and reliable equipment. The Tanaka TCS33EDTP is good and reliable chainsaw for people who want a small gas-powered chainsaw. This chainsaw has a 1.6hp 32.2cc commercial grade engine, lightweight design and side access chain tensioner that helps you to adjust chain without any efforts.

Tanaka TCS33EDTP Specs:

Tanaka TCS33EDTP Specification

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Best Small Gas Chainsaw No.7: Echo CS-271T | Gas-powered | Under $400

Best Small Gas Chainsaw No.7: Echo CS-271T

Bar-Length: 12-Inch | Weight: 6.6 lbs 🏆 | Type: Gas Chainsaw | Engine Displacement: 26.9cc

Well, the Echo is a very famous Japan manufacturer that develop high-quality tools. Also, they know what customers want and they make good tools for everyone. Yes, Echo tools are a little bit expensive than tools from many other brands. But if you want a high-quality chainsaw that will last you a long time and that will provide you a happy time during the use then it’s worth buying one of the Echo’s chainsaws.

The Echo CS-271T is the best small gas-powered chainsaw for people who want a compact in size, lightweight (as it only weights a 6.6 lbs. dry) and of course high-quality equipment. Do you want to cut that bushes around your house? Do you need to make some firewood? Limb some trees? And at the end of the day to feel like you have the energy to some other works? Then this chainsaw is right for you!

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Small and lightweight chainsaw. Why do you need one?

The question is who wants a small chainsaw and why? The answer is easy – everyone who wants to have a compact, lightweight and easy to use tool for light work such as: limbing (also known as “chasing”), trimming and pruning.

Small chainsaw is usually the lighter than the big one and that means it’s easy to use and if it’s easy to use then it’s safer than a big and heavy chainsaw. Basically, I think every homeowner who uses a chainsaw frequently should have two chainsaws: a big chainsaw (with 40cc+ engine) and a small chainsaw (electric, battery-powered or gas-powered with an engine around 25-40cc). When you need to do a heavy duty work use a big chainsaw. And when you need your chainsaw just to make some limbing and trimming then it’s better to use the small chainsaw

The best one is made by Stihl, Echo, Tanaka, and Makita. Most of them are Japanese made (Tanaka, Echo, Makita).

You probably know how much time it takes to read all reviews online and make a decision. Here is why I made this article, to help people find out what is the best small chainsaw for their needs. I did research about small chainsaws that available on the market today, based on user reviews. Don’t waste your hard earned money on buying junk saws.

I don’t see a point to make reviews about awful products so you can pick any chainsaw on my list above according to how much money you can spend and based on what chainsaw type do you need (gas-powered, electric, cordless). More powerful chainsaws sometimes cost more, brands like Echo, Husqvarna, Stihl, and McCulloch (brand are owned by Husqvarna) may be expensive because of their good reputation and high-quality products. But cheap doesn’t always mean bad, not all homeowners need an expensive 400$+ chainsaw especially if you are not going to use it every day.

Saws are available with a wide range of engine power and bar lengths, including electric- and gasoline-powered models. Just before choosing a chainsaw, first, think of the uses you will need it for. Will the chainsaw be used primarily for felling, trimming, cutting or all of those tasks?

If you need a chainsaw with bar length more than 14-Inches or pole chainsaw then read our articles of:

Chainsaw Sizes

The chainsaws are basically available in three sizes: small, midsize and heavy-duty. Small chainsaw, also called light-duty, range from 30 to 40cc with bar lengths ranging from 12 to 14 inches. Midsize chainsaws range from 40 to 60cc with bar lengths from 16 to 24 inches.

Professional or heavy-duty, saws range from 60 up to 120cc and can have much longer bars than most homeowners can think. And it requires some muscles to use them. For the most part, you should select the chainsaw based not only on engine size but the diameter of wood you would most often be cutting. With correct use, you can safely cut logs with diameters almost double the length of the bar.

There are a few small chainsaws with a bar length of 14-inches (and less) available on the market and only a small amount of them are good. I have not included in this list chainsaws with an awful rating and discontinued by the manufacturer. For example, #AD Poulan P3314 have a 4-star rating, but a lot of users not happy with that chainsaw.

Chainsaw Safety Gear

Small Chainsaw: Chainsaw Safety Gear

Safety Equipment: Before you start using a chainsaw make sure to get some essential safety gear. At least, get #AD safety goggles and if you’re cutting down anything more than large saplings, consider buying a #AD helmet.

Goggles have a tendency to fog depending on the weather and how much you sweat, so it’s good to buy a #AD Husqvarna ProForest Chain Saw Helmet System (which is a 3 in 1 system and has a hearing protection).

Also, it’s better to have #AD protective gloves and #AD chaps.

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