Best Electric Chainsaw Sharpener of 2016-2017

To keep your chainsaw blades nice and sharp, you can purchase an electric chainsaw sharpener. With this kind of chainsaw sharpener, your chain will be sharpened and be as good as new within one minute.  Most types of electric chainsaw sharpener have features which allow you to use exact angle settings and depth gauges, making it a very efficient tool.

Moreover, this kind of chainsaw sharpener can be mounted on a bench in any workshop. An electric chain sharpener is typically small and does not weigh very much, making it easy to use and store, without having to find a lot of extra space in your garage or shed.

If you have a chainsaw then you should have a chain sharpener because dull chainsaw chains mean bad cutting speed, bad experience, and a possibility of being hit by the broken chain.

What is the best chainsaw sharper? Here’s the quick summary!

Top rated chainsaw sharpenersChain Sharpening AnglesMax SpeedRatingPrice
Timber Tuff CS-12V20-25-30200004.4 out of 5.0Check it out now
Buffalo Tools ECSSAdjustable42004.4 out of 5.0Check it out now
Roughneck SharpenerAdjustable36004.0 out of 5.0Check it out now
Oregon 511AXAdjustable34004.4 out of 5.0Check it out now
Timberline25-30-35Manual Sharpener4.5 out of 5.0Check it out now

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What type of chainsaw sharpener to buy?

There are some people who do not feel that an electric chainsaw sharpener can properly and effectively sharpen a chainsaw blade, because of the shape of the sharpener’s grinder, and because of the method, it utilizes in moving into the chainsaw tooth. Rather, these people feel that the only proper way to truly get the kind of sharpener you need for your chainsaw is with a handheld spherical file.

Although there may be some merit to these claims, unless you are skilled as a logger, and use this special type of spherical file on a daily basis in the performance of your job, then this handheld tool is not your best option. Because 99% of the population do not have such a skill set, most people who are sharpening their chainsaws will not accomplish this level of honing. So it is best to buy an electric chainsaw sharpener, and leave the “super-sharpening” to the few who can handle the spherical model.

The electric chainsaw sharpener provides consistency in the angle it uses in sharpening the chainsaw chains, as well as in the depth and length of time the grinding wheel is touching each individual chainsaw tooth, and this will bring superior results time and again.


Best Electric Chainsaw Sharpener


Best portable electric chainsaw sharpener Timber Tuff CS-12V


Timber Tuff CS-12V – Best Portable Sharpener for the Money

Timber Tuff CS-12V is the best portable electric chainsaw sharpener which you can connect to the 12v battery. For the price of under 30$, this chain-sharpener provide a good value for the money! Timber Tugg handheld chainsaw sharpener is just amazing – quality is good and this sharpener has an Anti-Impact and Anti-Aging cover that stays cool while the sharpener is in use. Features a spindle lock to easily change grinding stones. Also, it comes with three burrs  (5/32, 3/16, 7/32) but it’s better to buy diamond burrs (3/16, 5/32, 7/32 ) as they will last you a long time. This handheld electric chainsaw sharpener works great, simple to use and saves your time on sharpening chains for your chainsaw.

  • High speed motor no-load speed: 12v/200001000r;P1,17W
  • High efficiency point: 16000500r/min;P0,40W
  • PC material cover: anti-ageing & anti-impact
  • 20 degrees/25 degrees/30 degrees chain sharpening angles
  • Stays cool
  • 12 volts battery chainsaw sharpener

Timber Tuff CS-12V

Best portable chainsaw sharpener for the money. The sharpening angle might be 20, 25 or 30 degrees.


Buffalo Tools ECSS Chainsaw Chain Sharpener Review


Buffalo Tools ECSS Review

Buffalo Tools ECSS is entry level chainsaw sharpener, but it’s a number one bestseller on Amazon, actually, this is the best chainsaw sharpener for under $100. Made for the semi-professional and for a do-it-yourself-er, this cost-effective chain sharpener will get the job done perfectly. As is the case with any power cord electric tool compared to portable 12-volt tools, you are limited in terms of where you can use it since you will always need an electrical power source. The Buffalo Tools ECSS works well and will save you money and time. As soon as you realize how to use this device you will be good on your way to sharpening your chain by yourself and you will start to save money and time.

Click here to download Buffalo Tools ECSS manual.

  • Keep your chain in top condition and save money by sharpening your own saw
  • Mounts to bench, wall or vise for easy access and stability
  • Adjusts to most popular chain designs
  • 4200 RPM grinding speed, 60 Hz, 85-watt, plugs into a standard 120-volt wall outlet
  • Uses a 4-1/4-Inch x 1/8-Inch grinding wheel with 7/8-Inch arbor

The video below from a user of Buffalo Tools ECSS describe how to use this electrical chain sharpener.

Buffalo Tools ECSS

Mounts to bench, wall or vise for easy access and stability. Adjusts to most popular chain designs.

Roughneck Bench Chain Sharpener Review

Roughneck Bench Electrical Chainsaw Sharpener

This chainsaw chain sharpener from Roughneck lets you choose between workbench or wall mount. Easily sharpen all your chains. The industrial duty 110 V 60 Hz motor delivers 3600 maximum RPM for total power and extra durability. The adjustable angle in large handle makes it easy to operate and gives you more control over your sharpening power. It also features a protective shield for safety and a 15 W light for better visibility. Easy adjustment knobs help you choose different pitches and chain gauges and includes 1/8 inch thick, 3/16 inch thick and quarter-inch grinding wheels precisely sharpen any chainsaw chain with the sharpener from Roughneck.

Excellent purchase. Superb quality. Worth every dollar! It’s easy to set up and you can sharpen your chain in less than a five minutes. Very quiet and the light helps to see what you’re doing.

  • Industrial-duty 110V 60Hz motor with 3600 max. RPM for extra durability
  • Choose between workbench- or wall-mount, depending on your workspace needs
  • Adjustable angle and large handle for easy operation and better control
  • Protective shield for safety
  • 15W light for better visibility

Roughneck Bench

The sharpener is easy to set up and use. Well worth the money.

Oregon 511AX Electric Chain Sharpener

Oregon 511AX – Professional Chain Sharpener

The Oregon 511AX chain sharpener is a bit expensive, but the quality is no question. As far as chainsaw chain sharpeners go, the Oregon 511AX Bench Chain Sharpener is a high-end professional tool. For home use, Oregon 511AX is well let’s face it, overkill. This particular is a heavy duty bench mounted unit that will work incredibly well once set up correctly. Chain sharpening with this tool is fast and accurate. Once again it is a tool most suitable for large scale use. Oregon 511AX is probably a little too much for the home user who would be much better advised to consider a more inexpensive alternative. The Oregon 511AX sharpener does an outstanding job of restoring your dull chain to operate as it was designed too. Comes with a powerful .038 horsepower motor.  As soon as you realize how to use this chain sharpener (according to user reviews – this sharpener have an awful manual) then the Oregon 511AX will work quickly and efficiently. Keep in mind, a well-sharpened chain is a less stress for your chainsaw and as a result, it will be much easier and safer to use your chainsaw.

  • Single phase, 115V-Ac, 60 HZ, 3 amp, 285 watts, 3400 RPM direct-drive motor, .038 horsepower
  • Sharpens 1/4-Inch, .325-Inch, 3/8-Inch, 1/2-Inch, and 3/4-Inch pitch chains
  • The grinder comes with three grinding wheels with the thickness of 1/4-Inch, 1/8-Inch, and 3/16-Inch
  • Includes a wheel dressing brick and a template for depth-gauge setting, and wheel contour
  • Allows for equal grind angles without adjustment and new adjustment capabilities for accurate grinds as the wheel wears

Watch this video below that explains how to assemble and use Oregon 511AX.


Oregon 511AX Electric Chain Sharpener

Excellent quality will last a lifetime. This grinder does a good job.

Bar mount chainsaw sharpener – what’s to buy if you need one?


Let’s assume that you are far away from an outlet, in the forest for example and you need a best professional chainsaw sharpener that works without an electricity, then the question is – what’s to buy? There is a lot of manual chainsaw sharpener on the market today but if you want the top one, then I can recommend you the Timberline Chainsaw Sharpener. This tool is highly rated and has good reviews, people call this tool – the best manual chainsaw sharpener because it’s so easy to use this sharpener and you don’t need to be a professional to sharpen your chain like a pro.

The clamp on chainsaw sharpener Timberline is the newly patented manual sharpener that can help you to sharpen a chainsaw chain in no time, according to the manufacturer you can sharpen each tooth in a second. Timberline is also very portable sharpener and comes with a carrying box so you can take this chain sharpener with you even to the middle of nowhere.

The timberline sharpener compared to the other chainsaw sharpening tools on the market is not the cheap one, but the price is ok because this tool is easy to use a portable and high-quality product.

Timberline Chain Saw Sharpener Pros and Cons:

  • Very Easy To Use
  • Portable
  • Sharpen Each Tooth in a Second
  • High-Quality Product
  • Comes with a Carrying Case

  • High Price

Timberline Chainsaw Sharpener

The Timberline Chain Sharpener is a new patented tool that takes precision and accuracy to a new level. The chain remains on the saw and the tool clamps on the bar and allows the chain to be pulled through as each tooth is sharpened. A high-grade tungsten carbide cutter is hand turned with a handle. Only a small amount of material is removed from each tooth resulting in much longer chain life. Carbide guides are fixed at a universal angle of 30 degrees while 25 and 35-degree guides are offered separately.


As usual, we don’t make reviews of bad products so you can choose absolutely any chain sharpener in our list of the best electric chainsaw chain sharpener. Our goal is to save your time by making research for you! Our picks are not biased, we make reviews based on user experience. As for what chain sharpener is good for you, well it depends on your budget and your needs. If you want portable, compact, cheap sharpener then you can pick a Timber Tuff CS-12V, it does not require a lot of space to store and you can connect this sharpener to the spare car battery or any other 12v power source. Timber Tuff CS-12 is basically the best electric chain sharpener under 50$.

If you need a Bench- or Wall-Mounted chain sharpener for under 80$, then your best bet is Buffalo ECSS. Buffalo sharpener is the Amazon number one bestseller, highly rated and has almost 350 reviews and sometimes quickly sold out.

If you need a semi-professional Bench- or Wall-Mounted chainsaw sharpener for under 150$, then your best pick is a Roughneck Bench. It is a well-made sharpener has a protective shield, light for better visibility, adjustable angle and large handle for easy operation and better control.

And professionals can choose the Oregon 511AX, which is from the famous Italian brand. Quality is good and this electric chain sharpener will last you a long time. It has a good and powerful 0.38 horsepower motor and comes out of the box capable of sharpening all pitches from 1/4-Inch up to 3/4-Inch. For frequently use the Oregon 511AX is the best pick with one downside – very expensive.

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