Best Cordless Impact Wrench for Lug Nuts 2020

An impact wrench is an excellent tool that homeowners or shop workers can use to remove or install difficult fasteners. And good impact wrench significantly reduces the effort a user applies to remove or install bolts and nuts.

Impact Wrenches are used in many industries and some people keep them in their workshop or in their car for roadside emergencies.

Cordless impact wrench offers the same comfort as the air-powered wrenches but in a mobile package. That makes them perfect to use aside from energy power source or in places where a corded impact wrench simply does not work.

Best Cordless Impact Wrench for Lug Nuts | Comparison

*Note: Dewalt cordless impact wrenches the DCF880HM2, DCF883M2 and the DCF889M2 may be available with the different model number at the end, for example, DCF883B (instead of DCF883M2).

Usually, the difference is in the package – for example, a model number ending with “B” means this is bare-tool only with no battery and charger included. It is available for sale without battery and the charger for people who already have other tools from Dewalt and have a suitable charger and the battery which is interchangeable with some tools from Dewalt.

If you have no other Dewalt tools with suitable for these cordless impact wrenches batteries and the charger then you have to buy “full package”. Another difference may be in the anvil type: hog ring or detent pin. Hog ring tends to hold tighter so it’s better in most cases.

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Dewalt produces quality tools. Powerful. Reliable. Simple. Beautiful. Inexpensive.

Best Cordless Impact Wrench No.1: DEWALT DCF889HM2 🏆

Best Cordless Impact Wrench for Lug Nuts No.1: DEWALT DCF889HM2

The modern DEWALT Power Tool line consists of more than 200 electric powered tools and in excess of 800 accessories. DEWALT is the top maker of industrial quality power tools and their DEWALT DCF889HM2 is a really good impact wrench for the money. This cordless impact wrench offers unparalleled performance and exceptional durability, together with an ergonomic design and 1/2-inch drive and 400 ft-lbs maximum of torque which is good for removing lug nuts.

And the DEWALT DCF889HM2 cordless impact wrench has a strong and durable magnesium gear case and an all-metal transmission for maximum durability. The ergonomically designed, anti-slip comfort grip is well textured and gives you maximum comfort.

Dewalt DCF889HM2 Cordless Impact Wrench Specs:

  • Drive Size: 1/2-Inch
  • Powered by 20v 4.0Ah XR Lithium-Ion battery (33% more capacity over standard packs)
  • Anvil Type: Hog Ring (also available with Detent Pin Model #DCF889M2)
  • Variable speed trigger with electric brake for maximum control
  • Led-light to increase visibility in dark conditions
  • Suitable for: removing lug nuts, driving and removing fasteners in wood, metal or concrete


This cordless impact wrench has a square anvil type and uses a hog ring retention system. The Dewalt DCF889HM2 has 400 ft-lbs. of torque to allow it to carry out a wide range of loosening and fastening applications. And its heavy-duty impact mechanism helps directs the torque to the job without recoiling. The DCF889HM2 speed is 1500 RPM and 2,300 impacts per minute for more effective and quicker application speed.

Also, the Dewalt DCF889HM2 has a very fast rate of impact, loads of power, and, therefore, loosens things that would otherwise break off or just stay seized up. It also lasts a good time on the 20-volt lithium-ion XR battery.

Why it’s great: The Dewalt DCF889HM2 is ideal for lug nuts and for other tasks. An air powered tool will have far more power but the inconvenience of dragging around an airline and keeping the compressor turned on will see you using this DEWALT cordless impact wrench as often as you can for convenience’s sake.

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Dewalt DCF889 in action:

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Best Cordless Impact Wrench No.2: DEWALT DCF883M2

Best Cordless Impact Wrench For Lug Nuts No.2: DEWALT DCF883M2
The DEWALT DCF883M2 impact wrench offers top class durability and performance as well as an exceptionally ergonomic design and is up to the task of driving heavy lag screws or loosening big, corroded nuts. With its 3/8-inch drive, this cordless impact wrench delivers a rotational speed 2,300 RPM and 2,700 IMP. And it’s powered by DEWALT’s newest 20-volt lithium-ion XR batteries which provide 33% more capacity over standard batteries.

DEWALT DCF883M2 Features:

  • Reduced User Fatigue: Compact size (5.7″ front to back) and low weight (3.6 lbs)
  • Led-light for good visibility and user comfort.
  • 2,300 RPM/0-2,700 impacts per minute for faster application speed
  • Textured anti-slip comfort grip for increased comfort

The DEWALT DCF883M2 cordless impact wrench is ideal for any handyman who needs a compact and small cordless impact wrench. And it would ideally suit an auto mechanic who would find it useful for undoing nuts in most applications.

This battery powered impact wrench has a 3/8-inch drive which is square and features a hog ring retention system (Anvil Type: Hog Ring). The Dewalt DCF883M2 cordless impact wrench has loads of power and is highly rated by customers.

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Dewalt DCF883 vs Snap-On CT761 in action. Lug nuts removal. 

Dewalt DCF883M2 vs Snap-On CT761 Price

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