Best Chainsaws Under $300

When we have a limited budget to buy a new tool, we want to be sure that for our hard-earned money we will get the best tool. Let’s say that you want to spend under $300 for a new chainsaw. And for that money, you sure want to get the best chainsaw under 300 dollars and not the one that will give you bad experience during the use.

With a budget of $300, you can buy a high-quality chainsaw. Reliable. Powerful. From a well-known manufacturer. I did the research, read reviews and collected a list of the best chainsaws under 300 dollars that fit your budget. For that price, you can get the best electric (corded or cordless) or gas-powered chainsaw.

Best Chainsaw Under $300 No.1: Tanaka TCS33EDTP

Best Chainsaw Under 300 dollars No.1: Tanaka TCS33EDTP

The Winner in Category: Small Chainsaw and Top-Handle Chainsaw | Fuel Type: Gasoline | Bar Length: 12-Inch, 14-Inch | Engine: Two-Stroke PureFire 32.2cc | Dry Weight: 8.4 lbs | Chain Pitch: 3/8″ (low-profile) | Gauge: 0.050″ | Best Chainsaw Chain to Buy for Tanaka TCS33EDTP: Oregon ControlCut 12″ ##AD 91PXL045G / Oregon ControlCut 14″ ##AD 91PXL052G

If you need a chainsaw for small tasks such as pruning, trimming. Or you want to climb a tree with a chainsaw to do some trimming, then you can choose the Tanaka TCS33EDTP. It is the high-quality chainsaw that fit the budget with its price way below $300. The Tanaka TCS33EDTP is a small and lightweight chainsaw that is ideal for small tasks around your house. But it is also capable of sawing firewoods that are not so large in diameter.

However, for the frequent sawing large logs, buying this chainsaw is not the best idea. But for small tasks, the Tanaka TCS33EDTP is the king in terms of comfort and maneuverability.

By the way, the engine of this chainsaw is commercial grade. Which means it is reliable and durable. So it’s suitable not only for homeowners but also, for professional arborists. For “normal” use you will get 7-year warranty period and for the commercial use – 2-year warranty. When the manufacturer gives such a long warranty period for their products, then it’s for sure a reliable, high-quality product.

Who Makes Tanaka Chainsaws? You may ask. Well, Tanaka chainsaws are made by Hitachi (Japan). That’s why Hitachi CS33EDTP has similar look, same specs but green color.

Tanaka TCS33EDTP chainsaw reviews and current price:

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Husqvarna 440 and 440E

Best Gas Chainsaw Under 300 dollars No.2: Husqvarna 440 and 440E

The Winner in Category: All-Around Gas-Powered Chainsaw Fuel Type: Gas | Bar Length: 16-Inch, 18-Inch | Engine: Two-Stroke X-Torq 40.9cc | Dry Weight: 9.7 lbs | Chain Pitch: 0.325″ | Gauge: 0.050″ | Best Replacement Chain for Husqvarna 440 and 440E: Oregon ControlCut 16″ ##AD 20BPX066G / Oregon ControlCut 18″ ##AD 20BPX072G

If the aforementioned top-handle chainsaw from Tanaka was not what are you looking for. And you need all-purpose chainsaw that is good for every task and for firewood cutting too. Then the best chainsaw for the price under $300 is Husqvarna 440 or the 440E. Which one to buy depends on bar-length needed and the price at the time of buying. Because the 440E price is super close to the border of $300 right now and it can change.

Husqvarna 440 and Husqvarna 440E are good chainsaws and they are almost the same. The main difference between the 440 and the 440E chainsaw is the 440E is more “user-friendly” and available for sale with 16″ and 18″ bar. While the Husqvarna 440 on sale with 18″ only. However, you can buy 16″ guide bar and 16″ chain separately and install it on the Husqvarna 440 later if you need.

Husqvarna 440 and the 440E features and benefits: 

  • The SmartStart technology to help you start the chainsaw with little effort.
  • Forged three-piece crankshaft for maximum engine durability.
  • X-Torq – less fuel needed and less exhaust emission levels
  • Improved Engine Life. Reduced air filter cleanings. Thanks to the Air Injection system.
  • LowVib System – less vibration. Less fatigue. More comfort for you.

Husqvarna 440E is more user-friendly and has a lot of “tool-less” features. Quick-release air filter cover and air filter for faster and easier air filter clearing. Asymmetric handle with soft inlay to increase your comfort when working with the chainsaw. Tool-less chain tensioning and assembling of the bar and the chain without using any tools. Check the fuel level easier with transparent fuel indicator. Easier starting than Husqvarna 440 with Air Purge system which removes air from carburetor and fuel system.

If Husqvarna 440E fits your budget then go for it as it is the best all-around chainsaw for the price. But if Husqvarna 440 has a more attractive price for you and you don’t need features of the 440E then buy Husqvarna 440 as it the great chainsaw for under $300 and has lots of positive reviews from owners.

Reviews and current price:

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Best Chainsaw Under $300 No.3: Makita UC4051A

Best Chainsaw Under 300 dollars No.3: Makita UC4051A1A

The Winner in Category: Electric Chainsaw Type: Electric | Bar Length: 16-Inch | Power: 15 AMP max. | Dry Weight: 12.3 lbs | Chain Pitch: 3/8″ | Gauge: 0.050″ | Best Replacement Chain for Makita UC4051A: Makita 16″ ##AD 196208-3 / #AD Oregon S56

The Makita UC4051 is the most powerful electric chainsaw with its 15 AMP motor with overload protection system. Many people who wanted to buy an electric chainsaw bought the Makita UC4051A and they are very happy with their choice. “Better than I expected! Works like a champ and easy to use”, says one reviewer about the Makita UC4051A. Makita is well known for their high-quality and reliable products so this is not surprising that the Makita UC4051A became the best electric chainsaw for under 300 dollars.

Just like the Husqvarna 440E, this chainsaw has a tool-less chain and blade adjustment. With additional benefits of an electric chainsaw – no gas and oil mixing, no pull cord to start. Just plug the Makita UC4051A into an outlet. Press button. Start working. Simple as that.

Makita UC4051A benefits:

  • Check the bar oil level easier through view windows
  • Rubberized grip handle and the big trigger switch for comfortable use
  • Current limiter to protect your chainsaw motor from damage caused by heat
  • Don’t worry about chain oiling as there is automatic chain oiler
  • Maximum productivity with electric chain brake
  • Less maintenance than on gas-powered chainsaw
Makita UC4051A reviews and current price:

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Zombi ZCS5817 16-Inch 58-Volt 4Ah Lithium Cordless Electric Chainsaw

Best Chainsaw Under 300 dollars No.4: Zombi ZCS5817

The Winner in Category: Battery Powered Chainsaw under $300 Type: Cordless | Motor: Brushless | Bar Length: 16-Inch | Power: 58 volt 4Ah Battery | Weight: ~12+- lbs

This chainsaw is made by American Lawn Mower Company which has been around since 1895. So they should know how to make good and affordable tools. The Zombi ZCS5817 chainsaw is among the best battery powered chainsaws (in terms of power and quality) and it has many positive reviews from customers on Amazon. And with its 58v 4.0 Ah battery, this saw is among the most powerful chainsaws that powered by a battery.

Why it’s great: If you don’t want to mess around with gas and oil mixing. And if you don’t want to mess with an extension cord (in case of using an electric chainsaw) and you need a chainsaw under $300 then the Zombi ZCS5817 is what are you looking for. You can start working with this chainsaw anytime you want. Take the Zombi ZCS5817. Press the start button. Start cutting. Simple as that.

When you need a chainsaw for short work the Zombi ZCS5817 come in handy. Need to cut just a couple of branches? Good. You want to do some trimming and you have only 30 minutes before you have to go to do something else? Perfect. Do some work and put this chainsaw on the shelf in the garage. No extension cord. No gas and oil mixing. No fumes.

Basically, a cordless chainsaw is the best to have as the second chainsaw or when you need to use it only for small tasks around your house. Because it’s so easy to use and do its job well. But if you need to use a chainsaw often. If you need to saw big trees and cut a lot of firewoods that is big in diameter. Then I recommend you to buy a gas-powered chainsaw or corded electric. But for small, around the house tasks, Zombi ZCS5817 is perfect.

Zombi ZCS5817 reviews and current price:

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